Our Products

  • Cargo Project Domestic & Transportation Services
  • Worldwide Document & Package Express
  • Express Freight
  • Mailroom Services
  • Warehouse

Our Services

  • Same Day Service
  • Over Night Service
  • Project Agreement
  • Regular

Why Choose Uniqpak

Credible & Recognized

Credible in handling high valuable goods, such as telecommunication equipment, old painting, medical equipment.

Have experiences in deliver goods to difficult destination (domestic site).


Low Price

Uniqpak have not increase the price during 3 years, meanwhile other competitors did up to three times. The key of success are working effectively and implementing new technology to support daily operation.


Human Resource

All of Uniqpak's staff are full time employees, because it's greatest assets. We believe that they are foundation of our consistent and excellent service. We have completely dedicated professional team whose main goal is "continuing customer satisfaction"


Open & Honest

  • Listening to our customers and try to understanding their requirements have proved to be the most notable reason to our success
  • Uniqpak trust each other and has earned the same from the customers
  • Tailor made solutions for corporate/indvidual cutomers needs